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October 26, 2016

4 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring this Winter

Even though it’s the dead of winter, it’s time to think about your lawn’s fertilizer and pesticide needs for the warm spring and summer months.

With professional fertilizers and pesticides, we can save your lawn up to 30% of water usage by

delivering just the right amount of nutrients needed.prochem-lawn-care-001-00001

Here are 4 ways to Pro Chem Can Prepare Your Lawn for Spring:


During your first six visits with our Lawn Care Program, using patented fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides will decrease your water use up to 30%!


A five visit Tree & Shrub Program will maintain your beds and promote healthy growth by combining the best fertilizers each season; with effective weed, disease and insect management.

During the winter dormant horticulture oil is suggested to be applied. This is a mineral-based oil that is applied to your woody ornamentals for controlling unwanted pests during the dormant season.

Harness, the nutrient delivery system, binds with the micro and macro nutrients in the soil increasing nutrient availability to the plants. This amazing product utilizes the microorganisms in the soil to deliver nutrient uptake at the proper rate and timing.


In addition to normal services, we also offer lawn pest control, fungicide applications, fire ant control; which all can begin in the winter.


Kudzu eradication can begin any time of the year by using selective herbicides. What’s even better is that this can accomplished while not disturbing other beneficial plants that also may aid in erosion control.

Pro Chem Management was established in 1999,  as a sister company to Pro Touch Landscapes.We developed the company after using other local lawn care companies that could not deliver the quality results that our customers expected.