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October 26, 2016

5 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid this Winter

Even through the winter, when grass and other plants in your landscape are more dormant, there are things that you want to make sure you DON’T do to your landscape.


We’ve pulled together the top 5 things you should avoid doing to your landscape this winter.

1-Stay Away from Detailed Lawn Care

Some grass varieties can be damaged if you cut it too low during the winter. It’s important to always use recommended grooming for each species of grass

2-Don’t Forget to Water Your Plants

Even though it’s not hot and the sun isn’t always shining in the winter; don’t forget to water your plants. Fruit trees, shrubs and hedges still need water in the colder months. If you don’t water in the winter you could see damage in the spring from disease or even dehydration.

3-Keep Your Yard Raked

Raking is never fun but it is the best way to keep your lawn and landscape looking clean and tidy. One main reason to keep the leaves off your lawn is that mold and fungus can form underneath the leaves when can get frozen to the lawn or topped with snow.

4-Don’t Delay Spring Planting

To make sure your lilies and other bulbs bloom in early spring, don’t delay planting. You will need to give them ample time to grow; so make sure you are prepared to plant on time.

“You plant tulips and other bulbs in the late fall so they get the proper chill hours they need to bloom in the spring,” said Pro Touch Landscapes president Brad Sample.

Because of our unseasonably warm temperatures right now in Northeast Georgia, you still have time to properly plant your bulbs.

5-Neglecting Pest Problems

During the winter you won’t see bugs and other outdoor pests as much because of the cold weather, which can be deceiving. Winter is a good time to rid your home and landscape of pests before an infestation crops up in the warmer months.

If you need help with your landscape this winter, our professionals at Pro Touch are here to help in any way.