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Are you planting tomato plants this summer? Here are 5 tips on growing your own tomatoes!

images (1)A summer garden just isn’t complete without a few tomato plants! We have pulled together a few tips on planting tomatoes that should help you be a smalltomatosuccessful home gardener this summer.

Tomato plants can be bought at your local garden center but if you are starting from a seed, make sure you give your plants plenty of light (6-8 hours a day) and use a light soil mix.

  1.  Manures, compost or sawdust can be tilled into the soil to increase growth.
  2. Fertilize your tomatoes! Use a starter of fertilizer. Pour about 1 pint of starter solution (2 tablespoons of 5-10-10 or 5-10-5 fertilizer dissolved in 1 gallon of water) around each plant.
  3. Stake or trellis your tomato plants. Space them about 24 inches apart. Make sure to use heavy twine to tie the plants to the stakes.
  4. Tomato plants need about 1 to 2 inches of water per week for optimal growth.
  5. When you harvest, place any unripe fruit in a room with a temperature of around 70 degrees F.

There are hundreds of varieties of tomatoes that grow best in Georgia we suggest trying out the Bella Rose, Celebrity or you can fine local heirloom varieties.

Source: UGA Extension

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