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October 26, 2016

Fall Container Gardening with Kale and Pansies

Doesn’t everyone just love fall and the beautiful colors that start popping up on front porches? A great way to add a splash of color to your containers on your front porch or garden is to create a container garden with pansies and kale.


These two plants work so well together and the color combination is beautiful. The great thing about creating a container garden with pansies and kale is that the plants will be beautiful long into winter.

Kale is hardy in the winter, even in freezing temperatures. And of course, pansies love Georgia winters and are a bright spot on cold winter days.

Right now is the best time to plant kale and pansies and an added benefit is that you can actually eat kale, which is a popular addition to meals right now in the foodie world.

According to BonniePlants.com, when you plant kale in cooler weather the the leaves will become sweeter with a nutty flavor and perfect to add to stir fry dishes, or substituted for spinach in casseroles, quesadillas or omelets.

At Pro Touch Landscapes we have an assortment of pansies, kale and soils to get those container gardens going.

We love this arrangement from the Floresdelsol blog that is a combination of rust colored mums, kale, purple pansies and a few pops of color with bright orange fall leaves. An arrangement like this looks beautiful placed in any spot outdoors.

One key to a great fall container garden is a beautiful planter or urn. At Pro Touch Landscapes we have a gorgeous selection of ceramic planters that will look amazing in your landscape. What’s even better is we will let you take the containers home, let you make sure they work in your landscape design and if you think a different or style or color would work better, bring them back and select another planter!

Our ceramic planters are available in plenty of colors and price ranges, so stop on in today and start planning your fall container gardens.