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February Landscaping Cheat Sheet!

Prune Butterfly Bushes in FebruaryFebruary,  while still a time of winter temps, is a time to start preparing your landscaping for spring and summer. One tip to always keep in mind is to keep houseplants, or plants you brought in for winter, watered and turned every two weeks to make sure they are getting enough sunlight and grow at the same rate on each side.

When looking outside in your garden, pruning is important during the month of February, prune fruit trees, bushes and shrubs and crepe myrtles.

According to Walter Reeves, The Simple Gardener, this month also is the time to plant sweet pea now for fragrant flowers later. Also, plant English peas, onions, asparagus or elephant garlic for your spring vegetable garden.

Later this month, cut back your butterfly bushes to encourage spring and summer growth.

And lastly, make sure you fertilize fescue for the first time this year.

If you have any questions on winter landscaping for spring and summer, please feel free to give the professionals at Pro Touch a call anytime! 770-534-0014

Source: Walter Reeves

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