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October 7, 2016

Learning the basics of barbecue from the Pro Touch Pros

Do you know your way around a ceramic smoker or Kamado Joe? Well, we do! And we would love to share our barbecue techniques with you at an upcoming cooking class!

Recently Pro Touch Landscapes held a Kamado Joe barbecue cooking class at Chattahoochee Country Club. We brought a selection of our Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills from our store for a sold out class; all while overlooking the beautiful outdoor views at the country club.


Pro Touch’s own Brad Saigmple, Ryan Thompson and Zack Thompson taught the group tricks and tips on how to cook chicken, steak and salmon on the Kamado Joe!

The Kamado Joe cooks meats in a whole new way if you aren’t familiar with ceramic grills. The heat distribution is different along with the temperature settings. The cooking process actually gives you moister meats using lump charcoal along with the smoky flavor we all love.

You have the ability to grill, sear and smoke a wide range of menu items on the Kamado Joe from sides to main dishes and desserts.

Not everyone is a barbecue aficionado; and that’s where we come in! Zack, Ryan and Brad are professional barbecue team members and combined have won several barbecue competitions with their team Smokin’ Butts BBQ.

In just a few hours, guests walked away with knowing the basics of how to light their grill, to serving up chicken, fish and steak.

The class, that featured cooking and barbecue products from Kamado Joe, was a huge success and is planned to be offered in the spring at the Gainesville store.

Below is a great salmon recipe from Kamado Joe that will likely be featured in an upcoming cooking class. Enjoy!

Honey-Soy Cedar Planked Salmon


Cedar Plant soaked for 30 min minimum

Salmon filet

Soy sauce


Olive oil

Garlic salt

Ground black pepper

1 lb. whole frozen green beans

Italian dressing

Sweet potatoes wrapped in foil


Light Kamado Joe and stabilize temp at 350F. Soak cedar plank for a minimum on 30 min prior to cooking. Bake sweet potatoes first for 30 minutes before starting salmon. Season salmon filet with soy sauce, then honey, then garlic salt and black pepper.
Place cedar plank on grill until it first begins to smoke, then flip. Dress with olive oil and put salmon skin-side down. Put green beans and 1/2 cup Italian dressing in skillet or small pan and place on the grill. Close lid. Check in 15 min and stir green beans. In 30 minutes total your meal should be done.