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October 7, 2016

Pre-WWII Kamado smoker on display at Pro Touch

When Mr. Holcomb, an 83 year-old Gainesville, Ga. veteran, left Japan after World War II he brought one pretty interesting thing back from the war: an original Kamado ceramic grill.
The original Kamado (Hibachi pot) on display in the Pro Touch outdoors store is orange and green with the original stickers still in tact!
The Kamado is slightly worn which adds to the charm of the pre-WWII relic. It could easily be restored to its original grandeur with just a little TLC and time.

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As many of you know the Pro Touch outdoors retail store features the Kamado Joe ceramic grill and accessory line and when we heard this original Kamado ceramic grill was available for display in our store, we jumped at the chance.
The name “kamado” originates from the Japanese word for “stove” or “cooking range,” according to the Kamado Joe website. Modern day Kamado-style cookers are made from a variety of materials including high fire ceramics, refractory materials, traditional terra cotta and a mix of portland cement and crushed lava rock. The outer surfaces also vary from a high gloss ceramic glaze, paint, textured stucco-like surface and ceramic tiles.
These type of ceramic grills have been around for centuries but the modern day Kamado Joe, brand ceramic grill, we feel is the best ceramic grill on the market.
The Kamado Joe is fueled by charcoal, usually lump wood charcoal because it

creates little ash and is sustainably produced without additives that could taint the flavor of your meal. Also, the versatility of the Kamado Joe is unmatched! Cook pizza, a Boston Butt, holiday turkey or even an array of sides and desserts in the Kamado. The Kamado Joe acts almost like a wood-fired oven and can be used to make or roast anything that can be cooked in a traditional oven, according to KamadoJoe.com.
If you haven’t ever seen an original Kamado ceramic grill come by and take a look and make sure to check out the full Kamado Joe line, as well.