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October 10, 2016

Pro Chem Management

Our goal at Pro Chem Management is to provide all the Fertilizer and Pesticide requirements for your landscape. We use patented fertilizers that can save your lawn up to 30% less water delivering only the correct amount of nutrients needed.

Diagnosing and treating virtually any issue that may arise within your lawn or landscape is our specialty. Our staff is highly trained and educated with 2 Bachelor’s Degrees in Horticulture. We are confident in providing you with the best quality Chemical Service available.

Lawn Care


Our 6 visit Lawn Care Program uses patented fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides that deliver unmatched results while decreasing water use up to 30%!

ProChem Management

Tree & Shrub


Pro Chem delivers the proper balance of health and beauty with our 5 visit Tree & Shrub Program.

ProChem Management

Other Services


In addition to normal services we also offer lawn pest control, fungicide applications, fire ant control, aeration and seeding.

ProChem Management