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October 10, 2016

Residential Landscape Design

The joy of our profession is that we are engaged in a creative process. Our clients frequently comment on how much they enjoy the landscape design process from developing an initial plan through the installation. This is the process by which we are able to develop the future of your property.


 For the last 12 years, we have been a leader in the landscape profession and have been honored with numerous landscape design opportunities. We have a Landscape Architect from the University of Georgia who presently does our design work. When utilizing our knowledge and creativity to design your dream landscape, we offer you exciting landscape ideas and an abundance of practical knowledge regarding installation. We have a variety of great ideas to meet the variety of budgets.

Various Landscape Design Options

We would love to meet with you at your home, at no cost, and discuss some specific landscape design ideas to achieve your landscaping dreams, whether that is as simple as selecting a few plants, or as involved as creating an entirely new landscape. Depending on the scale of the potential landscaping, sometimes this meeting is all that is needed to develop some landscape design ideas you will love.

In other cases, it may be preferred that we develop landscape design ideas “on paper,” either hand-drawn or computer drawn, and present them to you. In this circumstance, we will develop either one or several landscape design options, which can range from conceptual to highly-detailed landscape plans. This could be as little as a few hundred dollars or up to a thousand dollars.

On the most involved end, your landscape project requires a detailed master plan. Often in this case, there are multiple moving parts in the project – for example: swimming pool, patio, deck, grading, drainage, planting, lighting, etc. As necessary, we coordinate with other contractors to develop a master landscape plan that you will love. These landscape designs typically run between two-thousand and three-thousand dollars. Once we develop an established landscape plan, we can work with you to develop your property over time. We will be able to set a budget for all of your projects and you will be able to have work performed in stages, or all of it completed at one time. The design process is a very important step in the landscape experience.