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October 26, 2016

Saving Your Irrigation With Winterization

Last winter it was terribly cold in Northeast Georgia with several big snow events and, of course, what locals refer to as Snowmaggedon. This winter is shaping to be just as frigid as we have already felt temperatures in the teens in Northeast Georgia, and it’s only mid-November.


Due to the extreme cold temperatures, last winter, there were many problems with irrigation systems locally when the ground began to thaw and homeowners started turning back on irrigation systems to water their lawns.

This winter, the professionals at Pro Touch Landscapes want you to be prepared as winter blows in by winterizing your irrigation system.

There are several ways to winterize your irrigation system but you should begin by draining the water out of your irrigation system, first. You don’t water to remain in the lines through the winter because the pipes can freeze, expand and crack when exposed to freezing temperatures.

There are several ways to drain your irrigation system, the blowout method, manual or an automatic drain. Your irrigation system was likely installed taking into account a certain method but if you are unsure, the blowout method should be used.

There are some dangers involved in any of these methods. Keep in mind if you are unsure on how to winterize your irrigation system it is best to call a professional.


Irrigation Winterizing Methods:

Manual Drain Method:You can use this method when there are manual valves at the end of the irrigation piping. To drain, you will just shut off the water to the system and open the valves or drain cap and drain any water that is between the shut off valve and backflow device. Make sure to also check your sprinklers head and drain them, as well. When all the water is drained, close the valves and you are done.


  • Automatic Drain Method: This method is used if the drain valves are at the low and ends points of your irrigation piping system. You will need to shut of the water that is connected to the system, first. You’ll then locate and activate the system to drain the water. Once the water has been completely drained, you will open the boiler valve or drain cap and finish draining any other water. Again, make sure to also drain the sprinkler body throughout your lawn.


  • Blow Out Method: This method uses compressed air to clean out your irrigation system and really should be handled by a professional since compressed air can cause pipes to get hot and cause damage.