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October 10, 2016

Sports Turf Service

Pro Touch Landscapes presently maintains 10 sports fields for varsity and junior varsity teams in the Hall County area. We have experience in analyzing problems and developing site plans for athletic fields, establishing, fertilizing, irrigating and pest management control of grassed area, and planning and implementing a relevant school-to-work transition experience.


We reel mow our playing surfaces with our tri plex reel mowers and keep our playing surfaces between 3/4-1-1/2”. These mowing heights require more frequent mowing so that we do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at a given time. These mowing heights also allow for our customers to take advantage of a faster, denser playing surface for their players.

Our sports turf fertility program focuses on turf products that requires up to 30% less water, produce tougher tighter turf and produce longer, stronger roots to handle summer stress and high traffic. We use polymer science to control the uptake of nitrogen and maintain other nutrients in the soil profile. This keeps nutrients from leaching from the soil. By using this technology we alleviate the growth spikes that our competitors experience by using sulfur coated products and/or straight mineral products and we don’t have the sudden high growth rates that turf grass is prone to experience. Our products are released by soil microbe activity and basically allow the plant to take what it wants when it wants it. This results in fewer clippings, a more constant greener color and a more even playing surface. It also develops better soil structure over time.


Fertilization, mowing and management of thatch and soil compaction are all management practices that influence the water requirements of a Turfgrass area. Specific use of the field and the financial operating budget dictate the frequency at which we perform each of these tasks. We recommend aerating your sports fields at least one time annually and more times would be better. We also recommend topdressing your playing surface to aid with leveling and controlling the thatch layer.

Over-seeding your baseball, lacrosse and soccer fields is also recommended so that you protect your Bermuda grass in the winter months when you are playing on the fields. It is an easy process if left alone after seeding will provide a nice green turf to play on throughout the winter months.