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October 26, 2016

Tips from the pros: Preparing your lawn for summer

North Georgia has finally thawed out from a relentless winter and now it’s time to get your lawn ready for summer! It’s not as simple as just throwing a little grass seed out or treating with fertilizer. For the greenest and lushest lawn possible, it will take a little work, whether you hire a professional or do the work on your own.


First, you will need to prep your lawn by starting out with a fresh cut. Set your mower on the highest setting and make sure your mower blade is sharp!

Remember that you never want to remove more than 30% of the leaf blade. You also will want to make sure that you have a pre-emergent down as summer annual weeds, such as crab grass can become a problem.

Next, you will want to choose an appropriate fertilizer to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs. Follow exact instructions for application, too much fertilizer could do damage to your lawn.

And this is where our services with Pro-Chem Management come in! Our Pro-Chem services will provide fertilizer and pesticide treatments for your landscape; all while delivering the nutrients your lawn requires.

Pro-Chem services start at  just $35 for the first application and our professionals can diagnose and treat virtually any issue that may arise. The six visit application plan uses

patented fertilizers and herbicides to deliver unmatched results while decreasing water use up to 30%!

If you are looking to regenerate your lawn you can reseed your Fescue each fall or can seed Bermuda in the summer months.

At the Pro Touch store in Gainesville, a nice selection of fertilizers are in stock daily. Our selection of Green View fertilizers are perfect for your lawn and have proven results. Green View is enhanced with GreenSmart which is guaranteed to perform and a favorite among homeowners. GreenSmart was developed to restore nutrients in your lawn and handle the stress of heat and drought. Along with boosting root development, GreenSmart is phosphate free to protect waterways.

Finally, watering your lawn correctly can have big effects on the health and future growth of your lawn. Your lawn needs about an inch of water each week, which is applied in the morning for the best way to reach the root zone. It is best to give your lawn more water less frequently, so that it develops a deeper root system.

Flowers and plants available now!

Don’t forget that the Pro Touch store is your one-stop-shop for creating beautiful containers and flower beds in your garden. Available now are varieties of Begonia, Lantana, Impatiens, Melampodium and many others. Always in stock is a great selection of potting soils and soil additives for healthy and thriving containers and gardens.